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Face Mask, Size XL

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Stay safe and stylish with the Steady custom face mask!  Available now in multiple prints and 5 sizes so you can find the perfect fit, completely and securely covering your nose and mouth.  Steady face masks are lined/double sided (does not include a filter pocket).  Masks are not medical grade, non-sterile.  Meets CDC recommendation for facial covering.

YOUTH:  fits most children 12 and under
SMALL:  fits small-faced women and teens
MEDIUM:  fits most teenagers and women, smaller-faced men
LARGE:  fits most men
XL:  fits larger, wider-faced men

Cotton, Poly-Cotton

Machine Washable
Made in the USA 

Steady masks are custom-made in Orange County, CA. 

Masks are non-returnable or discountable.


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  • 4
    Good Product for the price

    Posted by Lee Banks on Jul 16th 2020

    I purchased this product due to the fact that I have a big round face and I wear glasses. Works great all around. I would be more than happy to recommend this to friends.

  • 5
    Perfect XL Size

    Posted by Karen E. on Jul 10th 2020

    My big headed husband (said lovingly, of course) has been struggling to find a face mask that fits him comfortably. All the other face masks he's tried have pulled his ears forward (mildly hilarious) or are too tight and restrictive. This was the perfect fit, super comfortable and even fit over his beard/facial hair. Great price and quick shipping.

  • 4
    Great value for the price, fits my big head and full beard

    Posted by Russ on Jul 9th 2020

    This mask fits my 7 3/4 hat size head and the fabric completely covers my face and beard. The bands flt snugly but do not pull my ears too much. The fabric is thick enough for me, I don't think my breath would go through it if there was another layer. The only negative was when I followed the laundry instructions which said wash on gentle and dry on low. The fabric did not shrink, but the elastic bands came out of the dryer really kinked but still usable. I wash them now in dish soap and hang in a sunny window to dry. Overall I am very satisfied with this mask.

  • 5
    Good fit and price

    Posted by Steph on Jul 2nd 2020

    Ordered four extra large masks. They arrived quickly, colors were true to picture. The tailored style is a nice change from most of the flat masks on the market. The extra large size is perfect for a larger face. They are not too thick and good for summer. I would prefer 100% cotton also, but the blend is fine. I wash mine in a net bag and air dry. Inexpensive enough to get multiples. I emailed a question and received a prompt response. I would order these again. Thanks.

  • 2
    The fits is great, the craftsmanship and materials only average at best.

    Posted by Wil on Jun 30th 2020

    I got a large face and was having a hard time finding masks. I had purchased mask from Jaanuu but they were too small for my face, however their materials and craftsman ship is superior. The steady masks provided full coverage on my face, however the material, although two ply, are two very thin layers not especially confidence building. The stitching is exposed and after the first wash some of it is fraying. It's a great size , but i wish the materials and build quality were better. We'll see how long these lasts...hopefully The Rona dies first.

  • 4
    Apparently I have a large face... this mask fits!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2020

    So in the search for a decent mask in these Covid times, I've come to learn that I have a big face (beard probably doesn't help with that). I'd had a couple masks made by a friend but they were just a bit too snug around the ears to be comfortable for more than a few minutes. Found a few others that were long enough, ear to ear, but then didn't offer much coverage vertically. This mask manages to do both at the same time. I can wear it for extended periods without it hurting my ears and it fits nicely from nose to chin. Definitely might buy a couple more just to have handy in different places. Only thing is I'd maybe like it to be a little thicker cause I assume that would help with reducing the spreading of germs thing, but it's probably most important that it fits and is comfy cause if I can't wear a mask for those reasons, thinness doesn't really matter.

  • 4
    finally a mask that fits

    Posted by Timothy Bealer-Casias on Jun 27th 2020

    was looking for 100% cotten, this is a blend, but at least it fits only one so far that has been big enough to stay in place, not sure how good it will hopld up the parimitiar is just like zigzaged but it's great, still would like a cotton one, makes my face hot and can't wait to get it off, but happy

  • 3
    Waste for me, probably ok for others

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 27th 2020

    The XL is too big even though I have a larger than average melon. Also, I cannot wear with glasses because like all other masks, they cause my glasses to fog up instantly.

  • 5
    Quick and perfect!

    Posted by Sharon V Foster on Jun 22nd 2020

    Ordered 6 of the XL masks for my husband on June 17th they were delivered today June 22nd and fit him perfect! He is a large man and these work so much better than others we had ordered from a big and tall place. Thank you so much!