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Viva Las Vegas 18 (2015)!!

Posted by Genesis Sol on Apr 28th 2015

Guys, it happened: the biggest Rockabilly party in the world happened a couple of weekends ago and it was too amazing for just one sentence.

Viva weekend was pretty jam packed with events, especially since Steady Clothing was a main sponsor of the event. Steady's presence was everywhere! The Steady Martini Girl was featured on the totes everyone got at registration and we had banners all around The Orleans. The craziest thing was seeing just how many people were rocking Steady for Viva. There were so many people that I wasn't able to take photos of maybe half of them. It was so great to see everyone support the company and look their best for this event.

Our first big event was at Viva Bowling! Steady had 5 teams participate in the bowling contest this year, 4 girl teams and 1 guys. Our girls teams were fabulously dressed in RockSteady embroidered cardigans, Sophia Tops and High Waist Thrills Skirts, while our guys rocked their custom Steady Clothing button ups. All our teams played hard (and looked good while doing it). Two of the girls teams moved on to next round, but sadly didn't make it to finals. The Rocksteady Greasers (our one guy team) made Steady proud and went all the way to finals and came away with second place, beating out numerous other teams. Everyone was grateful to all of the fans who came out to cheer the Steady teams on!

Oh, and quick shout out to this gentleman who helped the Steady team out by carrying heavy boxes throughout the casino!


Meanwhile, during the bowling contest, there was a small Steady booth filled with men's button ups and men's and women's Sun Records tees. Lots of great customers came who remembered us from the year before and had bought a bunch of button ups and were coming back for more! It was great to see true fans and supporters of this brand.


Then it was time for the real big day: the car show! Steady had the longest booth there, spanning 80 feet and just full to the brim with women's clothing, men's button ups, tees, kids' clothes, hats, jewelry, purses, and lots of other accessories. A great trend at the car show was seeing how many families all rocked Steady. We were selling the last of our stock of kids, because unfortunately Steady will not be producing any more kids clothing, so many parents were snatching up the last of it. There were a lot of kids parading around in their matching Steady outfits with their parents and it was an adorable sight to see.

IMG_0177 IMG_0126 IMG_0140 IMG_0162 IMG_0166

Many of our gorgeous pin up model friends were there, including the always lovely Cherry Dollface! She was selling her prints, make up line, and her two exclusive dresses made by Steady. Both Cherry Dollface dresses are adorable and a huge hit! We also had girls who were featured in the Mitzi and Co. Steady Calendar sign and sell calendars for fans.

We also had at least 17 different models shoot in new and old Steady clothes around the car show. Tara O' Connor ( photographed all the girls (and guy) in front of gorgeous hot rods and classic cars. These fantastic shots will start popping up around Facebook, Instagram, and this blog soon enough.

And of course, lets not forget about the cars! SO MANY great cars, with a lot of cool features and/or artwork. Obviously, we couldn't keep track of them all, but it was such a cool sight seeing these works of art on 4 wheels. There were even some famous cars, like the '60s Batmobile and the flame car from Grease. It was so cool to look at these cars in real life.

The rest of Viva was full of drinks, gambling, laughter, dancing, and fun times. Viva Las Vegas is a great time to reunite with old friends and meet new ones, especially because so many people come from around the world. And all around the casino and even on the strip, people were rocking Steady to make them look their best for a night on the town. It was really awesome.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the booth, told heart warming stories of how Steady changed their life, and just supported us by looking your best in our clothing, Viva was the best and we obviously can't wait to go back next year!