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Viva La Color

Viva La Color

Posted by The Fox and The Vamp on Jul 9th 2015

It’s the most wonderful time of the year,

With the engines-a-reving,

And everyone telling you Viva is here!

Yes, the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s right, we are talking about that other magical event that comes but once a year. While the rest of the world is painting eggs to celebrate Sacrifice, the retro community is gearing up for it’s biggest annual bash- The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender.

And we gotta say, were loving the colors this year. Gone are the days when ‘Rockabilly’ fashion was limited to black, white, and red with perhaps a pink hue or two to break things up… You get where we are going with this.

Yes, every lady with a retro inspired fashion sense knows what we are taking about. You have all had that convo where someone tells you about a garment they saw that was just ‘so you,’ just for it to turn out to be pedestrian repro, that’s so NOT you. They mean well, but just like them, we don’t want to be so narrowly defined.

Which brings us back to VLV18 and how awesome everyone looked! Seriously. In case you missed it, the people watching was top notch this year, especially with the exciting new color ways rolled out by Steady Clothing just in time for Vegas, baby. The Fox and The Vamp were stoked to shoot with Steady and Tara O. Photos during the car show, and we decided to don our favorite curve-hugger from their line up: The Diva. With delectable decolletage, tapered waists, well-formed flanks, and streamline stems, this Steady staple has all the essentials for a car show stopping Viva ensemble.


Magenta, mint, a multitude of red hair, and a smattering of spots, and voila! We were ready to compliment some cars in our Steady ensembles.


Check us out in this awesome video from Luigi Hernandez who captured The Fox and The Vamp in action!

Your Burgundy Bombshells
The Fox and The Vamp

Photography by: Tara O. Photos

Styling, hair and makeup: The Fox and The Vamp

Darby Fox is wearing The Diva Dress in Magenta

Sarah Vamp is wearing The Polka Dot Diva Dress in Mint

Male Model, Justus, is wearing The Casino Western Button Up

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