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Trina's Last Day At Steady

Trina's Last Day At Steady

Posted by Trina Maraczi on Aug 20th 2015

After three months of interning, my time as a Steady intern has come to an end.


My last few weeks at Steady have been really eventful. There are a lot of events that Steady goes to in the summer, so I've been having to prep all of the inventory for those. Also, with the fall line coming out, I've been working a lot with the designer creating patters and making adjustments to final designs. Once all of the samples of the products have been made, I've organized all of the samples. I've been lucky enough to see all of the fall line as well as a preview of the fall catalog before anyone else.


I definitely have appreciated by time with Steady and will miss it. Everyone I've worked with has been incredibly nice and helpful. Interning with Steady was a great opportunity. I've learned so much and will be taking all of my new knowledge with me into a career in the fashion industry.