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Rock Steady Style

Rock Steady Style

Posted by Katty Delux on Aug 3rd 2015


The best part of Steady Clothing is the ability to mix and match all of their separate pieces. I am not going to lie, I love the simplicity of a dress, however sometimes I like to grab a soft, comfortable t-shirt and pair it will a wiggle skirt, ta-da a perfect "running errands" outfit.

Fashion doesn't have to mean you are a slave to trends, and it also doesn't have to be so complicated that you give up and wear sweatpants all the time. Style should reflect who you are without having to sacrifice comfort and things that make sense.


For me, it doesn't make sense to go grocery shopping at target dressed to the nines. I mean, sure, sometimes I find myself dolled up and in odd places, where I get stared at, but 9 times out of 10, I am in 'street' clothes shopping for milk and bananas.

I paired a Steady Clothing T with the Stretch Denim Skirt and a pair of unlaced Doc Martens. The perfect thing about this combination is I can add a moto jacket for warmth in the evening and still look cool to go out to dinner or a bar with friends.


My challenge for you readers is to stop thinking inside the box when it comes to your clothes. Just because a skirt 'looks' formal, doesn't mean you always have to pair it with other formal attire. Be adventurous with your clothing and wear what makes your heart soar!

To purchase the Steady Stretch denim skirt, simply click here.

Stay Sweet,

Katty Delux

You can find more of Katty Delux and her shenanigans at Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth, her online blog and daily musings.