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Retro Capsule Wardrobe

Retro Capsule Wardrobe

Aug 22nd 2017

As a new week, month, even season approaches you may find yourself looking at your closet wondering what to wear. Maybe it's time for a revamp, or maybe it's just time to experiment with how you mix and match your pieces, maybe it's jus time to add some key staples. Either way, you have a knack for retro fashion and you want to effortlessly dress yourself for whatever the day has to offer. We break down the basics for how to complete your new retro capsule wardrobe as well a suggest some few key pieces to help you get started.

Before we start, let's think about your lifestyle. Are you a working professional who needs a more formal attire for the office? Do you work from home and enjoy the occasional night out with your friends or partner? Or how about the stay at home or working mother who needs a little more comfort in their life? A good capsule should fill all of these needs not by shopping for each but by mixing and matching existing tops, bottoms, and accessories for just the right occassion. Let's get started!

Chose A Color Palette

This shouldn't be too hard. By now you've probably figured out certain colors you prefer or certain colors you know go with your eyes and skin tone, maybe even your hair. And if not there are plenty of online resources to help you chose colors that suit your skin tone, hair, even eyes. The less colors you chose, the easier your capsule will be to mix and match for endless outfits. Aim for neutrals like black, white, tan, navy, or grey first. Then choose no more than 2-3 colors to mix in.

Add Texture And Print

Add interest and style to your capsule with textured and printed fabrics. Denim is the perfect staple texture for any style, preferably in black or blue. Something stripy or polka dots always screams retro. Then chose a print that speaks to your personality and style. Florals are very feminine and beautiful while a leopard print is more bold and daring. Shy away from super trendy pieces that you may only wear a few times and then be totally over.

Shop Tops

Start with 2-3 basic, everyday items in your neutral palette. Pieces that never seem to go out of style, can be dressed up or dress down and still look put together. Then pull 4-5 fashion pieces from your remaining colors and prints. It's also important to find good quality basics that won't fall apart after a few washes.

Sophia Top // Lavish Lillie Top // Striped Boatneck Bow Top // Betsey Long Sleeve TieTop (coming soon) // Polka Dot Harlow Tie Top // Long Cat Cardigan // Rose Marilyn Sweater

Shop Bottoms

Choose 3-4 bottoms that offer different silhouettes. Leggings or tight jeans will show off your curves while a circle skirt will hide your hips and slim your waist - each paired with the same top creates a different look! These should be good quality investment pieces that never go out of style.

Audrey Cigarette Leggings // High Waist Pants // Thrills Circle Skirt // Cora Pencil Skirt (coming soon)

Shop Accessories

Your shoes should include a pair of sneakers, flats, a sandal, black heel, and a good pair of pumps. You'll never be stuck for shoes with these 5 basics. You can ever go wrong wrong with a classic black handbag and a pair of sunglasses. A smaller bag or clutch is also a great staple as well as nice watch or brooch. Shop jewelry and other accessories that fit your personality, if you never wear watches but can't leave the house without a pair of earrings, then swap the watch for those classic earrings.

Betti Page Purse // Erstwilder Brooch // Betsey Johnson Watch // Betsey Johnson Hand Bag // Halle Flats // Bettie Page T-Strap Heel // Retro Glasses // Leopard Heel // Chuck Taylors // Retro Sunglasses 

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don't think you have to wipe out your closet and commit to this capsule forever. This is the perfect outline to plan your outfits one to two weeks out. Spend a few minutes Saturday or Sunday setting aside your outfits for the week and get excited about getting dressed in the morning!