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Long Live Viva

Long live Viva!

Once again one of the koolest and most anticipated events has come and gone. Sucks a little but that’s what adds to the allure of it. It’s here for only a short while so make it count. Especially at the Viva Las Vegas car show where the best classic cars and fashions are on display. Whether you’re wearing all vintage or the current vintage inspired clothing from Steady make sure you’re on point from your hair to your shoes.


As you can tell in this first picture that’s exactly what I did. Fellas, we all know that it starts with a fresh cut and style. You can never go wrong with an undercut stylized with Layrite superhold. Next of course is the Casino Western by Steady Clothing. This slim cut button up pairs perfectly with my unique posing style. When striking my “where the hell did I put my keys but I’m too kool to care” pose this tough shirt stands out.
A guy such as myself can’t help but feel lucky, Maybe it’s The Fox on my right or The Vamp on my left, both wearing different styles of The Diva dress, or it’s probably the deck of cards embroidered in red on both my shoulders. Either way it’s a win win.

Photography by Tara O. Photos

Justus Kerr is a multi-faceted artist based in Las Vegas, NV. He is co-owner of Phoenix Twin Salon and a lead educator for Prive. What separates Justus in the hair world from most is his ability to create and tailor a personalized cut for both men and women. When he’s not producing fresh cuts behind the chair, Justus can be found in front of the camera modeling his vision of classic vintage style. For more follow Justus on Instagram:@funkbuket or on Facebook: Justus 4 All .  

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