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Lonestar Roundup -- Austin, Texas Welcomes Steady Clothing!

Steady Clothing took a road trip to Austin, Texas for the Lonestar Roundup Car Show!

The Steady team drove up to the Lone Star State and lots of shenanigans happened along the way. There was the necessary stop at a roadside Dairy Queen for delicious goodness (while we were there, local Steady fans said hi after they saw our truck! How cool is that?) and the many, many, many hours of music and I Spy games.


For this show, Steady brought along a brand new trailer with hundreds of Sun Records and Rocksteady tees and new multi-colored jelly purses and jelly shoes exclusive to Steady Clothing . On the way to the show, Steady even had some truck and trailer problems and had to have a quick pit stop on the side of the road. Those with older and custom cars know all about this struggle! We even saw many hot rods on the side of road, trying to get to the show.

IMG_3682 IMG_3680 IMG_3683

Finally, after three days on the road, we crossed state lines and arrived at the show! This Dallas native was super excited about all the food items you can only truly enjoy in Texas, like Blue Bell ice cream and a great steak. The Steady team went out to a steak house as soon as possible and enjoyed a great meal!

IMG_3686 IMG_3690

On Thursday, the day before the show, our team set up our booth and in the knick of time! All that night, it rained heavily and the next morning parts of our tent had fallen through. Thankfully, our team fixed it all up and made it even sturdier for the next two days. It was just the first example of how crazy Texas weather can be, something us Californians aren't used to.

IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3704 IMG_3709

Friday was the first day of the show and despite the gloomy morning weather, the turn out was great! It was rainy but warm, so many customers came to say hi and shop. There were also a lot of great vendors there with us, even those who were also carrying older Steady items! We also reminded folks to stop by the after parties being held at bars that are co-owned by one of the Steady owners, Josh Brownfield. These afterparties were also being co-sponsored by many of the great companies we carry, like Suavecito and Tres Noir Sunglasses.

And you can't forget the cars! There were so many great custom hot rods and classic cars that it was hard to take it all in. Look at some of the highlights!

IMG_3739 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725 IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3737 IMG_3738

It unfortunately started to rain as the Steady team covered the tent and clothes back up, so we quickly got to work. We happened to have a small boat lying around and decided to just sail away after we were all done.


Saturday is when the real party started! The crowds who missed out on the Friday fun due to the gloomy skies came on Saturday amid a sunny and hot sky. There were so many returning customers from Friday, who came back wearing they're new Steady purchases! Many customers came into the booth stating how much they loved Steady and how much merchandise they already had. That was so great to hear. There were also many inquiries about replacement buttons for our Tiki shirts and V8 shirts. The good news is that customers can now buy replacement packs for all our specialized buttons in case you lose or break them on your favorite Steady button up. You can also jazz up a more basic Steady button up. Find them on our website!

We also had an appearance from the fabulous Lil Miss KO! She was gracious enough to take photos and sign Mitzi and Co.'s Steady Calendar for fans and customers!


After the great day had on Saturday, there was another after party at the Blackheart Bar on the famous Sixth Street in downtown Austin. So many guys and gals dressed up in Steady for a night out on the town. It was great to see all these cool rockabilly folks looking their best in Steady Clothing.

After Lone Star, the Steady crew walked around Congress Street and had a great time taking in all the cool vintage shops and the lively feel of the street. All in all, Austin was a great town to get to know and everyone we met were nice and polite and great to be around. We can't wait to see Austin next year!

PS: Check out the gallery of all the people wearing Steady at the show. Sorry if we missed you, but come to the Steady booth at a next event while wearing Steady and get your picture taken for the blog and Instagram!







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