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The Strongman Swing Dress goes to Coney Island

Hi guys! Summer is pretty much over so I had to take my Strongman dress for one last swing to the Freak Show and fireworks at Coney Island!

Coney Island_05

This dress was released in Summer 2014 and sadly is no longer carried on Steady Clothing's site. The good news is that you can still buy the Strongman Thrills Skirt!

strongman skirt strongman skirt 2

It has the same great full circle swing and same polyester/rayon/spandex blend fabric as the dress. I added a crinoline for some extra dramatic volume.

Coney Island_13

This is one of many all over, custom prints that Steady makes. They even posted a blog about all their custom prints here! As you can see below, this print is perfect for a carnival! It has clown faces, roaring tigers, tattooed tightrope walkers, strongmen (of course, and much more all set against a traditional tattoo star background.

Coney Island_16

Coney Island is an area along the south Brooklyn seaside which began attracting visitors as early as 1830! Between about 1880 and World War II, Coney Island was the largest amusement area in the United States, attracting several million visitors per year! But due to problems with street gangs, most of the amusements was closed by 1964. Today, the parks have been reopened and several of the rides are protected as New York City Landmarks, including the Wonder Wheel and Cyclone!


This dress is perfect for a trip to Coney Island and not just because of the adorable kitchy print! I wore in the haunted house, on the Wonder Wheel, and on all the rides, as it's just long enough to do anything in!

Coney Island_08

This dress is really fun to accessorize too. I paired it with some black and white poka dot shoes, purse, and hair scarf. I also wore a thick stretchy belt from another Steady skirt that I have. And cat eye glasses, always! You can get super creative with this outfit and mix and match fun colors, steady of black and white too!

Coney Island_85

Coney Island_45Coney Island_70

Coney Island_60

For my makeup I wore one of my favorite summertime hot pink's by MAC called Relentlessly Red and lots of baby blue eyeshadow to match my dress. A baby pink lip would be adorable for this dress too-like cotton candy!

And I'm wearing my custom colored clip-in Betty bangs from Classy Rebel. Some bangs and a head scarf and all your bad, humid hair days are solved!

Coney Island_17


I had so much fun at Coney Island in my Strongman Swing Dress. If you want to experience all the Coney Island excitement, make sure you go before the summer season is over! And just like the rides at Coney Island, the Strongman Thrill Skirt won't be around forever either. So get it ASAP!



Coney Island_55Coney Island_65

Special thanks to Jolie Clifford for taking these pics and going on a Coney Island adventure with me! Check out her work here and follow her here!

(**To check out what songs Brynna chose as her soundtrack for the day, go to www.new.steadyclothing.com**)

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